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A History of Failure: The Sun Oil Pipeline

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As someone who was born and raised in Willistown township, I was very surprised to learn that there’s a big old Sun Oil pipeline that cuts right through the South East corner of Willistown

(Brown line is Sun Oil Pipeline) and right through the center of Rock Hill Farm. You can see the pipeline location and the “Residential Pipeline Setback” in the current subdivision plan.

In 1986, this same pipeline ruptured, spilling 225k gallons near the King of Prussia mall, causing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes and schools and the mall!

This very old pipeline with a history of leaking from “unspecified pipe failure” is like an old asbestos floor. Just leave it there, don’t mess with it. Don’t build 22 houses on it. Even with the 300-foot “Residential Pipeline Setback," it’s an incredible risk to start excavations, especially in a neighborhood that depends on well water.

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