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Here's how the natural beauty of Rock Hill Farm could be compromised.

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With a major pipeline running through the middle of the entire property, any disruption or damage to that pipeline would have a devastating and long-lasting negative impact on all of its surrounding neighbors and local community. It is not difficult to find many examples, right here in the Delaware Valley, of pipeline catastrophes that have created major health and safety issues to our residents and natural environment. Most of the homes in the surrounding area are served by well water. We simply cannot afford to take this risk.



For those of us who walk along White Horse, South Valley, and Grubbs Mill Rd, we already know the dangers of the significant traffic that exists today. Adding 20 to 30 homes and the associated cars, delivery vehicles, maintenance vehicles, etc. would be overwhelming for the small narrow roads in this area. In addition, the thought of adding traffic lights to South Valley Road—which may be necessary with a development of this scope—would be completely out of character with the scenic beauty of such a rural area. It could also potentially encourage even more traffic.




Development would impact the woodlands, wetlands, creeks, and open meadows that Willistown's wildlife calls home.​


The rural district of Willistown is known to have critical habitat for protected species such as wildflowers, turtles, bats, aquatic species, and birds of prey. The local community regularly watches the deer, foxes, coyotes, bald eagles, owls, sparrow hawks, trout, song birds, bats, and other animals that inhabit this property. The proposed development could destroy this habitat. It is our duty as citizens of this township to protect this precious flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy. We must be good stewards of this land.

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With climate change already having a significant impact on the local community creating flooding issues in Crum Creek, dense development in this area will only compound these problems.

Crum Creek is designated by the Department of Environmental Protection as a Special Protection stream. The highest quality of water is found at the headwaters of the creek, which runs directly through Rock Hill Farm. The water is cooler water because it is shaded by wooded areas. These high-quality waters are protected to restrict pollution and support diverse aquatic life.

Crum Creek is also the largest drinking water source for Delaware County residents.

Development could lead to further erosion, landslides, and flooding.



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"...this important resource is being threatened by large scale development and dramatically increased impervious surfaces in the upper watershed, and development of environmentally sensitive lands in the middle and lower watershed. Nearly the entire watershed is listed as impaired by Pennsylvania DEP.”
—The CRC Watersheds Association

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