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Historical Commission Meeting Update

(7/6/23) The Historical Commission could not give Rock Hill Farm LLC their approval last night.

While the developers team acknowledged the Historical significance of (many of) the existing buildings , the commission wants to survey the property themselves as the definition of historical significance has broadened significantly and includes not only the existing and functioning buildings of today, but the foundations and sites of past that as noted on historical maps. The Rock Hill LLC Team agreed that a more involved survey may be in order as they had not completed a thorough or complete one themselves

The Historical Commission is also tasked with noting natural resources of historical significance. such as trees, forests, and structures that impact soil quality and water quality. Of special concern to the chair, are the old sycamores and the spring houses located on the property as the spring houses are of vital to preserving the (pristine) water quality of Crum Creek.

The Commission also noted concern at the landscaping and placement of the much of the development, especially noting lot 24 where one proposed building will be placed, obscuring the view of the historic houses along South Valley Road.

The commissioners sent them back to the drawing board as they did not have nearly enough information to approve their plan. They also suggested that Rock Hill Farm obtain more guidance from the planning commission and hoped that that they would be able to do so before the next Planning Commission meeting which is on August 9.

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